Visiting Kenya

Many Canadians will never have the opportunity to visit (let alone live in) a country such as Kenya. Even trying to imagine such a thing is difficult as the way of life, though similar in many ways, is also completely different in others.

Our Kenyan Kids 2007 flight crew

2007 Inaugural Mission Exposure Trip members.

Our Kenyan Kids has been organizing trips to Kenya since 2007. Every year the members of the “travel team” come home and share their experiences with friends and family as well as Our Kenyan Kids supporters.

These adventures are not a “holiday” and one should not sign up for one expecting such.  Each member of the team raises their own funds and pays their own way – everything from flight, hotel, meals, even the tip for their guide. The purpose of the trip is not to have a vacation, but to visit the projects that Our Kenyan Kids support and help to find ways to support them and help them to grow. As a member of this team you will see a multitude of challenges that our Kenyan partners face on a day to day basis; you will also see another culture that looks at life much differently than we.

Those who decided to travel with us each year can be assured that they will experience a life changing adventure. Your eyes will be widened; your heart awakened, to a beautiful country, a brilliant group of people and an adventure you will tell your friends about for years to come.

These yearly trips serve several purposes. Each year we purchase wares to sell in our own “Our Kenyan Kids” store; just one of the ways we raise money for our projects. Another is to bring awareness in hopes that more people will feel compelled to donate to our organization and finally, our chance to meet face to face, to share ideas and renew friendships with our Kenyan family.

We are dedicated to ensuring that no donations to Our Kenyan Kids are spent on travel. Almost 100% of donations go directly to our projects and helping them to flourish. Any assistance provided to travelers is in the form of independent fundraisers and sponsorships arranged by the individual themselves.

We encourage you to reach out, ask questions, and get involved.


2017 Travel Team


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  1. Darlene MacLean says:

    Awesome very inspiring


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