Visiting Kenya

Most Canadians can hardly imagine what it is like to live in Kenya one day to the next.  The same applies to Kenyans trying to imagine how Canadians live.

Our Kenyan Kids 2007 flight crew

2007 Inaugural Mission Exposure Trip members.

Since 2007 we have been able to organize several trips to Kenya.  Each member of these teams has shared their experiences with their friends, family and Our Kenyan Kids’ supporters.  If you ask any of the “Flight Crew” members how life changing the trip was, you will get a multitude of answers that express personal growth, emotional challenges and a deeper connection with Our Kenyan Kids’ partners.  They will also express a deep desire to give back to the people with whom life changing relationships have been forged.   The flight crew members witness both the challenges that our partners face and the beauty of Kenya and its people.  More than anything though, they receive the gift of faith and love that our partners in Kenya have been so willing to share.

However, we recognize that it is not possible for every one to travel to Kenya.  So, in 2009, we helped sponsor Kyambi Kavali, chair of the Kenyan advisory board to travel to Canada and spread her message.  Her travel expenses were supplemented by hosting a fundraising dinner in her honour.  The overall cause of Our Kenyan Kids benefited greatly from having Kyambi here – advancing both awareness and fundraising efforts.

We are dedicated to ensuring that no donations to Our Kenyan Kids are spent on travel.  Any assistance provided to travelers is in the form of independent fundraisers and sponsorships arranged by the individual.

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