Partners for Life – The Grandmothers

watertank project poster (1)_edited

April 2019

Upon the completion of our PET in 2018, we committed to a new project – one that was named the “H20 Project”.   We have committed to 13 water tanks over a period of 3 years. Each tank costs approximately $350 Canadian and provides hope for a better tomorrow.  If you would like to help; to contribute, drop us a line at

January 2018

This project provides outreach services to children, mothers and grandmothers living in rural and slum areas of Kenya. It focuses its effort on offering hope and a future to youth through promotion of education, health care, empowerment and helping to ensure caregivers remain strong and in the home.

rwika kwimenya (1)


Our Kenyan Kids provides outreach in the following ways:

  •  Selenium Project, Embu – Selenium supplements, healthcare, counselling and homecare support is provided to mothers and grandmothers living with HIV/AIDS. Many of these caregivers experience miraculous recoveries, helping them return to work and support their children.
  • Vulnerable Children – Various children living in the slums and rural Kenya who suffer from such ailments as deafness, epilepsy or HIV/AIDS are supported by supplying necessities, healthcare and schooling.

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