Nairobi Children’s Rescue Centre

This centre was formerly known as the Nairobi Children’s Home and is the only government operated home for orphaned and abandoned children up to six years of age in Nairobi.

Nairobi Children's HomeBackground:  When Doug Warren, the founder of Our Kenyan Kids, traveled to Nairobi in 2004 he visited the Nairobi Children’s Home and found it to be severely understaffed for the care of the 140 infants and young children housed there.  He was told by the director (Gladwell Ngunjiri) that what the home needed most was “more people to love the children”.  Doug had been given $200 by a donor in Canada to be disbursed as he saw fit and this seed money helped to hire another caregiver.  With this act, Our Kenyan Kids was born.

Currently, the salaries of 8 caregivers are covered by Our Kenyan Kids.  We also provide the disinfectant Dettol on a regular basis and a Christmas party for the children and staff’s children.

History:  Over the years, there have been many special projects undertaken by Our Kenyan Kids at the Nairobi Children’s Rescue Centre.

  • In 2005, a well was funded by generous donations to Our Kenyan Kids to provide fresh water for the orphanage.
    Our Kenyan Kids delivers teddy bears to the kids at Nairobi Children's Home
  • In 2007, participants in a Project Experience Trip (PET) delivered knitted bears, lovingly created by members of the Wall Street United Church in Brockville, to all the children at the home.  In 2009 the same knitters sent vests with the PET travelers.
  • Bursaries have made possible various educational programs for the staff – including mechanical courses and completion of secondary school.musau
  • Health care and specific requirements for children with special needs, not met by the government, have been provided.

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  1. Irene Naibei says:

    More people to love the children.


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