Kambui School for the Deaf

In the first quarter of 2019, Kambui School for the deaf enrolled 25 new students in nursery, primary and vocational classes! The main objective at Kambui School is to offer quality education for preschool, primary and vocation students within a period of 9 months of the year. This quarter, students at Kambui School participated in “Zonal and County Peace Giving Day” and are very proud to announce that they were the recipient of the “Most Improved School in the Zone” Award. Congratulations to all of them! In the second quarter of 2019, the school plans to take the children on a field trip to attend a sporting event in July as well as attend a popular music festival in August. Currently, Our Kenyan Kids supports 2 children in Primary School as well as 4 in Secondary School at this project.

Students at Kambui School for the Deaf