Amazing Grace Children’s Home

Situated in Nakuru to the north-west of Nairobi, the Amazing Grace children’s home is a Christian children welfare home. Operated by Margaret Mwangi, an amazing young woman who has created a safe home environment for 25 children, the Home is committed to promoting the well-being of children, youth, families and protecting every child from harm.IMAG2028_BURST002_COVER

When Margaret was 21 she had a vision in a dream that changed her life course. Just having completed her university degree in culinary arts, God spoke to her and told her she needed to help and protect children in danger.

With the help of her mother and the family homestead, they opened their home to children brought to them by the police and the court system. Siblings who come to the home are kept together. The family dining room served as the bedroom and the living room, the place to gather as a family. She brought the children to this sanctuary and she worked hard to create a family atmosphere. They have family meals, prayers, and meetings. Margaret has become the mother to many. There is joy and laughter at this place.

When the children first arrive, many do not know their own history. The month they arrive becomes their birth month and the child picks a favourite number which becomes their birth date. Margaret often has to estimate their age! These children come from the court system and the police to this secluded and safe place. Because of the nature of their circumstances, Margaret has hired a security guard/handyman to watch over the property twenty-four hours a day.

They also have one teacher for the little ones. They have two “aunties” who do the cooking. The older students go out to the local school.

Since 2008, Margaret, her mother and the staff have moved mountains to create a home for the children. A dormitory and classroom have been completed. A dining room is under construction. Margaret completes work as she gets sponsorship. There are no mortgages. The property, which once belonged to her mother, is now registered as the property of the Amazing Grace Children’s Home.

IMAG1965How does Margaret make this all work? They have vegetables and chickens which help provide some food to be self-sustaining. Margaret counts on the goodness of friends, family, acquaintances, and her university contacts to help bring in money. She also speaks to groups to seek support. She has a website that I urge you to visit at:

All sponsorship covers 100% of all the children’s needs, including food, trauma counselling, education, health needs, housing, protection, and a safe home. The many goals established by Margaret are listed on the website.

This place is truly a home. The children are happy, clean, and excited to learn. They play with their “Mom”, Margaret, and are never far from her sight. They sing and recite bible verses for visitors. They welcome visitors to their home and are happy to guide us around their property. They are excited to show off the family dog with all the puppies, the bunnies, the hens and chicks, and the new facilities under construction.

2 Responses to Amazing Grace Children’s Home

  1. Joshua Bellion says:

    Margaret & family, you’re doing an amazing job. God bless you!


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