Tracy’s Fundraiser

As Christmas approaches and I ensure all my gifts are wrapped and stockings are stuffed (even though there is a good possibility that no one will be allowed to visit and open them!!)… I think of my friends in Kenya. I think of all the children that willingly (without parents making them) engage in their education, live in orphanages without parents, or siblings, some without housing at all; children who deserve (at the very least) the basic education that our children, here in Canada, take for granted. An education that most of these children would do absolutely anything to have, but the reality is, it will not be achievable for many. For Tracy, a young student that the Our Kenyan Kids team has not only met, but has helped and encouraged throughout her secondary school years, the dream (and in her country – a necessity in order to prosper) to continue her education at a post secondary level. She is very smart, works very hard and with just a little financial help, she WILL achieve her goals. I know most of us have already stretched out budgets to their utmost and we’ve donated repeatedly this year in order to help our friends, neighbours and families stay afloat. I’m not asking you each to break the bank. I know this has been an exceptionally tough year. Every child deserves an education. I ask only that you donate what you can spare – every single penny counts.

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About ourkenyankids

Our Kenyan Kids supports Children and Youth affected by poverty and/or HIV AIDS, in Kenya and elsewhere, by providing education, training, humanitarian aid, and nurturing relationships, one child at a time.
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