A message from the Chair

One might say that 2018 was a year of change for Our Kenyan Kids, and I’m very excited to say that each and every change that occurred has made us stronger.  We saw a need to change, to move forward in a different direction and we took it. In doing so, we have enabled ourselves to establish better communication and understanding with each of our projects. We have established new relationships, grown as an organization and been able to help even more than we have in the past. Each day is a learning experience, and we welcome each and every one.

One of our biggest changes, was the dissolution of a project administrator position in Kenya.  Without “eyes on the ground” some worried that we would lose touch with the reality of the situation but I’m happy to say this is not the case. Instead it is just the opposite. Without a third party on the ground in Kenyan, the projects now report directly to us, here in Canada. It has opened doors of communication that we never dreamt would be possible before. I’m thrilled to report that I speak with our partners in Kenya on a weekly basis – some even daily.  Often the communication is via email, however, many prefer to communicate via Facebook messenger or skype and a few touch base via Whatsapp – which allows us to actually speak, face to face, which is an amazing step for us.  The new communication outlets have strengthened our relationships with each of our projects.  It allows us to share in both their triumphs AND tribulations, in real time.

Our spring newsletter will be out soon, and in it you will see just how brilliant the most recent changes have been. You will also read of the upcoming Project Experience Trip, planned for late January of 2020.  There will be an open meeting in the living room of Wall Street United Church on June 18th.  Please mark it on your calendars. Come out and hear of all the great work Our Kenyan Kids has been doing and learn how you can be a part of it all in 2020.

God Bless,


About ourkenyankids

Our Kenyan Kids supports Children and Youth affected by poverty and/or HIV AIDS, in Kenya and elsewhere, by providing education, training, humanitarian aid, and nurturing relationships, one child at a time.
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