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We are pleased to announce a new partnership with The Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTO/ERO), an organization of retired teachers and others who worked in the education field. RTO/ERO provides its members with comprehensive health and travel insurance plans, a travel program, and acts as an advocate for retirees, seniors, children and active educators. Each year this organization provides financial assistance to a number of education related and/or community projects at the local, provincial or world level. Last spring the local RTO/ERO Leeds and Grenville District 48 selected an application from Our Kenyan Kids to submit at the provincial level. We are excited to announce that the Provincial Project Service to Others committee has chosen our submission on behalf of Kambui School for the Hearing Impaired. We have received a cheque for $4000!



2016 Provincial Service to Others District 48 Grant Recipient – Representing the Kambui School for the Hearing Impaired in Kenya: Carolyn Matheson and Donna McMillan (Board Members of Our Kenyan Kids); with Martin Higgs (Past Pres. RTO), Dave Heuther (Pres. District 48), Lisa Leroux (Secretary District 48)

 Project funds from The Retired Teachers of Ontario will address three areas of need at Kambui School. 

  • Library: Funds will be used to enrich the education of students by providing books and other learning materials for students and teachers.
  • Playground: Funds will be used to replace unsafe playground equipment with repaired and/or different equipment which will enable not only younger students to play with friends at recess or after school, but older students to benefit from physical activity and social interactions with peers as well.
  • Dormitories are crowded. Mattresses are thin, and mattress covers are stained, soiled or threadbare. Funds will be used to begin to improve the health, well-being and comfort of students residing in the dormitories. Fifty new mattresses and mattress covers will be purchased with funds from this project.

Watch for updates about this 2017 project at Kambui School for the Hearing Impaired. Thank you again to The Retired Teachers of Ontario.

About ourkenyankids

Our Kenyan Kids supports Children and Youth affected by poverty and/or HIV AIDS, in Kenya and elsewhere, by providing education, training, humanitarian aid, and nurturing relationships, one child at a time.
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